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I am sure it feels off to try to go there with someone, but if it does, then the time is wrong or the person is wrong for you. Got any advice on how to get over this and just someone out. The trick is not "writing a note after gym class" about it. We ran into each other at a mutual friend's house: introductions, helloes, not much more than that. Uh, well, I guess it wasn't SO bad if she still wanted to go out with me.

I went away for a few months (the flow and ebb of life) and when I came back around, I ran into her again. And yes, that mutual friend had told her about the TS .

Although you probably shouldn’t introduce yourself with, “Hi, my name’s Joel, and I have Tourette Syndrome,” it’s a good idea to clear the air early on.

Suggestion: Take the opportunity offered the next time you tic.

I have seen threads about disabilities and dating ; such as limb amputations etc but not one about TS so i hope this is OK to post here. could you get past the sounds and movements made by the person with TS when out in public ? I think it takes a certain person to be able to deal with somethign like that, as it isnt a condition for the faint hearted. My best friends brother has it in a very mild form.. But he is hilarious and is never short of female company. I have never met anyone with the severe form though... I used to go out with someone who swore all the time.

TS is a bizarre condition and varies greatly in severity-but it is just a fascinating and sometimes comical (and embarrasssing) condition,there just isnt anything like it! I guess it could be embarrassing but to those who know the afflicted person, it shouldnt be a problem. I'd find it really embarrassing if we were walking around sainsburys, lol - so I dont know if I'd be able to cope with someone with tourettes, I suppose it depends on how bad it was. Msg 2; you changed your answer (dramatically,i might add) how did you do that? -I`m still quite new here and dont know where anything is thanks Ok,now i have an edit button,dont know where that came from as it isnt on all posts,only some,and why do i have a delete button under everyones posts?

if you have any advice on this subject, would you pass it on in this forum??? thnx Hi teenwithtics Although I am not a "youth" anymore, as an adult with TS, I can share some experiences. If you spend alot of time together already, then they likely have already noticed something. I can see how it would be a problem or an awkward situation though. When you feel comfortable being around someone and they are special to you, most importantly they treat you special then you can tell them anything. for me but I still keep it up everyday and live a HAPPY life... I'm not prejudice against people without TS , just people who can't handle that I have TS . OR, they may start trying to play matchmaker for you and help you find girls you ARE interested in dating. I have to admit, if I had listened to my girlfriends about my Girlfriends, I would have been a lot happier over the years.

There is no cure for Tourette's, and people who have the syndrome often cannot control or suppress their tics.'When I was diagnosed I was determined to try and get on with my life like any other 15-year-old but it was incredibly difficult especially as I was living in a small town at the time and I really stuck out which was very isolating,' admits Brent.'Doctors managed to help me with medication and I slowly recovered.I started going out and making friends but the anxiety of going on a first date can bring on the tics and I can start twitching or swearing.'In the back of my mind, I am always worrying that the Tourette’s is going to draw attention to me, and therefore to my date, which will make her feel really awkward because the whole room will be staring at her.'The second time when it happened I laughed and she just cracked up as well.hey.been a while since ive posted..kinda crazy around here...anyways, i was just wondering if any of you "youths" out there have had any negative or positive experiences with dating while having tourettes that you would like to share???

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